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“Cloudy Skies is a 2D Action/Adventure RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Earth after climate change exploded and brought upon the end of humanity. Journey throughout the land in turn-based combat as you unravel the secrets to keep Earth’s regeneration ongoing.”

Trying to create a better life for everyone on the Earth, the scientists tested an experiment which lead to the decaying and destruction of the Earth. Most of the wildlife, buildings, and even humanity were wiped out but those who survived created shelters. Years have passed since the accident, those who knew what happened have sadly passed away, however the Earth is slowly healing. To preserve this process a young man, Lucas, travels around the world, armed with medieval weapons for defence, to seek the answers as to what happened. Could this potentially be the key or could it lead to another catastrophe.

It aims to be a 2D Action/Adventure RPG similar to RPG Maker games mixed with elements of Final Fantasy and Pokemon with a Turn-Based combat system defeating feral animals. You gain items/currency and experience points which can use in a shop in the central hub to increase your character’s statistics during gameplay.

  • Top-Down Camera - Free roaming
  • Turn Based Combat
    • Enemies ranging from humans, feral animals and regular animals.
  • Pixel Art Characters
  • Buy, sell and find items
    • You can use these to buy Weapons, Armour and Consumable items
  • 6 maps that you can explore with 3 dungeons that you can face
  • Support Media - PC
    • Soon to come - Controller support

Version: Early Alpha [Under Development]

Release Date: TBC

Other Release Platforms: 

  • Steam

Credits To Other Sources/Users:

Tile Mapping

  • Tiled & Tiled2Unity

Audio Assets

  • PlayOnLoop & Shutterstock Music

Gameplay Assets

  • DaFont - Elemental End (Created by Zdenek Gromnica AKA FutureMillennium)

Development log

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